DD 2813

The Defense Department form 2813 is the document most commonly used by the military to classify the dental fitness of servicemembers and contractors. There are four classifications.

Class 1: Worldwide deployable with no further treatment required.
Class 2: Worldwide deployable with need for non-urgent routine treatment.
Class 3: Nondeployable without treatment for urgent conditions that likely will cause a dental emergency within 12 months.
Class 4: Nondeployable with no examination documented within the past 12 months.

Class 1 is exactly what it states, no treatment needed. Most folks I put onto this class do have not teeth. People with no teeth are almost always a class 1 in my book. Very few people with teeth are placed in this category.

Class 2 consist of people with good dental health. If you need a cleaning or have a small cavity this will place you in class 2. If you are a class 2 be sure and ask your examiner what conditions made you a class 2 so that you may seek treatment for them before they become a problem.

Class 3 means you need treatment immediately. There are boxes in the class 3 section that allow the dentist to document what conditions you have that make you a class 3. Once these conditions are noted you have a road map of your dental problems.

The form then ask if X-Rays were consulted and the answer should be yes. A good dental exam requires X-Rays unless you have no teeth.
If you are planning on spending time in an austere environment I would use this system for assessing my dental status. An printable example of the DD 2813 is found at DD 2813

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